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Top Deck Views, Double-Decker Bus — Photo Collection

Views from open-top, double-decker busses in Europe and the United States

The top deck of open-top, double-decker tour buses provide a unique perspective of the architecture and environment. The photos in this collection were shot in Paris, London, Oxford, Windsor, New York City, Washington DC and San Francisco.

Photographing historic buildings, museums and other architecture can be difficult in a busy urban environment and being above street level with an unobstructed view helps tremendously. I like to begin a visit to a new city by taking advantage of the raised platform provided by open-top' double-decker bus tours. Perspective is also improved being a little closer to the vertical center of structures.
Bus tours in many larger cities are typically variations on hop-on, hop-off style tours with a one, two or more day time limit. Some cities have multiple loops with combination tickets available. It is an inexpensive way to sightsee.
My typical strategy is to start early to get a good seat, complete the loop on one side of the bus then switch to the other side to catch the shots I missed the first time around. As the sun gets higher in the sky I'll hop-off to focus on specific attractions, get ground level and interior photos and to eat. Toward sunset when the sun is lower in the sky I may hop back on and repeat the loop having a pretty good idea where I'll find the best light from the morning experience, or I might just hop-off at a good sunset location.
Images are typically cropped to remove the bus, if present, but I've included a few to give a better understanding of the situation. Many more of my “Top Deck” photos can be viewed in the individual destination sections.

Top Deck, Double-Decker Bus photos in Paris, France

View of Notre Dame from bus top height.

Notre Dame in Paris, France

This Paris fountain view is only possible from above the cars and fence.

Paris fountain picture

Another over the fence, elevated view. The Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Top Deck, Double-Decker Bus photos in London, UK

Approaching Westminster Abbey on the open-top, double-decker bus.

Westminster Abbey in London from double-decker bus

One of the lions at the base of Lord Nelson’s statue in Trafalgar Square.

Lion at Trafalgar Square in London

St. Paul’s Cathedral elevated view from the middle of the street.

St. Paul's Cathedral in London, England

The Royal Exchange in The City of London.

City of London and Royal Exchange building

Top Deck, Double-Decker Bus photo in Oxford UK

Tourist on a double-decker bus have a birds-eye-view of sculptures around the Sheldonian Theatre, a building in Oxford UK designed by Christopher Wren. Photo shot from another bus.

Double-decker bus at Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford UK

Top Deck, Double-Decker Bus photos in Windsor UK

The double-decker bus at Windsor Castle pauses so that tourists can view the changing of the guards.

Open-top, double-decker tour bus at Windsor Castle

Changing of the guards at Windsor Castle view from top deck.

Changing of the guards at Windsor Castle

Top Deck, Double-Decker Bus photos in New York City, NY

Architectural detail, as on this building in NYC, are often easier to see from the top deck.
Top deck view in New York City
Multiple loops and multiple combinations of attractions plus double-decker bus tours are available in NYC.
This photo was shot on the Uptown Loop.

A church in NYC's Uptown neighborhood

WALK or DON”T WALK—it”s your choice with dozens of hop-on, hop-off stops.

Famous deli's on New York City's 55th Street

Join the crowds on the street or watch from above in Time Square, NYC.

Riding a double-decker bus through Time Square, NYC

Top Deck, Double-Decker Bus photos in Washington DC

Photographing the Washington Monument in Washington DC from the top deck provides a better perspective.

The Washington Monument in DC

Over the hedge and fence view of the White House from the top deck.

The White House in Washington DC

An eye-level photo of a statue on a tall pedestal of John Barry, Commodore United States Navy.

Commodore John Barry statue in Washington DC

Top Deck, Double-Decker Bus photos in San Francisco, California

A photo of San Francisco’s City Hall that could only be taken from the top deck.

City Hall in San Francisco

Double-decker riders photograph SF's City Hall

It’s hard to get a good head-on shot of the Chinatown Gate in SF, unless you are on the top deck.

Chinatown Gate in San Francisco from double-decker bus

Multiple loops and combination, including Alcatraz Island ticket combo San Francisco Bus Tours are available.


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