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Grand Canyon West — Photo Collection

Around five million people a year view the mile deep Grand Canyon in Arizona at two National Park Locations—the South Rim and North Rim—and at the Hualapai Indian Reservation at Grand Canyon West.

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon, while not part of Grand Canyon National Park, has seen increased visitation in recent years following creative marketing efforts of the Hualapai tribe. Strolling on the now well-known SkyWalk horseshoe shaped glass walkway extended over the canyon and cramming into helicopter flights below the rim, landing on the river’s edge for a quick boat ride before returning to the top are big draws and ironically the type of activities the National Park service doesn’t allow at either the South Rim or North Rim.
The only trail to hike at the West Rim is to Guano Point, the best view of the canyon from this location—a beautiful vista only slightly visually scared by the remnants of a failed fertilizer mining operation.
Las Vegas, just 120 miles east, supplies the majority of visitors. It’s economic success may have influenced the choice of activities offered at Grand Canyon West—in addition to the SkyWalk and helicopter/boat rides there are Hummer tours along the rim, a collection of different native american style dwellings (Indian Village complete with native entertainers performing folk dances) and mock Western town (Hualapai Ranch with staged gunfights and Cowboy cookin’).

Grand Canyon West

If you arrive at the West Rim by air from Las Vegas you will be treated to views such as this.

Grand Canyon view from the air

A helicopter ride is, by far, the easiest way to reach and return from the base of the Grand Canyon,

Helicopter and boat in the Grand Canyon

My visit was in spring so the Colorado River was pretty muddy. The boat tour powers up-stream then drifts back.

Boating the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Once back on the rim the first stop is Eagle Point, named for a rock formation—Eagle Rock—on a tributary canyon.

Eagle Rock at Eagle Point

Turn left from the above view to see the major attraction at Eagle Point: the SkyWalk.

Grand Canyon West SkyWalk

Guano Point extends into the Grand Canyon for some of the best views at Grand Canyon West.

Guana Point at Grand Canyon West

Looking back at the dining area on the rim. You can walk around the point and climb to the top for a 360° view.

Looking back from Guano Point

Although the colors are not as intense here as they are at the North or South Rim I have read several accounts that claimed Guano Point the highlight of the visit to Grand Canyon West. I would have to agree. If you come for the SkyWalk don’t miss this.


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