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New Orleans LA, French Quarter Balcony — Photo Collection

The most distinctive and memorable architectural details in the French Quarter of New Orleans LA are the balconies facing the street on many two or three story buildings.

An illustrated article I produced some time back covers the history of wrought iron and cast iron balconies in the Quarter and another photo essay covers other iconic imagery in the French Quarter.
I’ve just returned from a week in the ‘Crescent City’ with a new collection of photos, a few of which you can view below. I’ve attempted to give you a broad overview of the many styles of French Quarter balconies I shot as well as several examples of the way both residential and commercial owners personalize and accessorize their elevated outdoor porches.
High humidity and warm to hot weather allow a broad variety of plants to thrive in NOLA. The weather also encourages people to sit outside and a shaded perch overlooking the nearly constant pedestrian parade is an ideal place to do so.
Hover your cursor over the pictures for individual captions.

French Quarter Balcony Pictures


Ferns, flowers, palm trees and other French Quarter balcony flora.

Benches, chairs and tables are obvious items to have on a balcony but many owners add other,
sometimes surprising, items that reflect their personality.

There seems to be an almost unlimited variety in the detail of balcony ironwork.

While there is a thematic similarity to many French Quarter buildings you see a lot of individual variation.


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